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While you are in Bangkok, you can buy Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) products at the Bangkok Christian Guest House.
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You can also buy Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) products at the LOFTY BAMBOO, Khao San Road.
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Karen Small Accessories
Thai Tribal Crafts is a self-help marketing agency established in 1973 with the main goal to provide opportunities for improving the quality of life of the tribal people in Northern Thailand.

Within our wide range of traditional products, we offer you these small accessories, such as the coin and key purses and the lipstick and mirror cases.

These items have been crafted in the Karen tribal community. The Karen, also called "Kariang" or "Yang", are the largest tribal group living in Thailand. Sgaw and Pwo Karen, the two major divisions of the group, number about 321,900 people. Karen women are weavers, and men are skilled in making basketry. Various sizes and colours exist for these products. The woven patterns are the same as the traditional ones used for the Karen outfits.

Karen still spin thread from their own cotton, and then weave it on simple back-strap looms. The traditional outfits are sometimes also decorated with Job's tear-seeds.

After the weaving of the traditional patterns in the village, raw materials are given to women in Chiang Mai who assemble the cloths and materials and finish the products. The lipstick cases are finished by specialized people. This process of production with skilled and trained men and women at each step ensures high-quality products.

When you buy this handcraft, about 60% of its price goes to the craftsman. As a customer of Thai Tribal Crafts, you will enjoy the use of our beautiful high quality products, and it will give you the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase will help the tribe to raise its standard of living.

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Thai Tribal Crafts is a non-profit marketing agency under the Christian Service Foundation (Baptist).
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