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While you are in Bangkok, you can buy Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) products at the Bangkok Christian Guest House.
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You can also buy Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) products atthe LOFTY BAMBOO, Khao San Road.
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Hmong Book and Bible covers
These book and bible covers will soon become the necessary accessories of your readings! Moreover, you will enjoy being a customer of Thai Tribal Crafts, a self-help marketing agency established in 1973 with the main goal to provide opportunities for improving the quality of life of the tribal people in Northern Thailand.

These items have been crafted in the Hmong tribal community. There are about 124,500 Hmong people living in Thailand, divided into two sub-groups: Blue and White Hmong.

Blue Hmong women are the only producers of batik cloth among the tribal people. To produce this batik pattern, they draw the desired pattern with beeswax on the cloth, before immersing it in a cold-indigo dye. Then, they boil it in order to remove the wax

These covers reflect the traditional patterns, batik and embroidery, used to decorate the Hmong traditional products.

When you buy this handcraft, 60% of its price goes to the craftsmen. These covers are the ideal gift as they enable to enjoy the use of beautiful handmade products, and have at the same time the satisfaction of knowing that this purchase will help the tribe to raise its standard of living.

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Thai Tribal Crafts is a non-profit marketing agency under the Christian Service Foundation (Baptist).
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