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While you are in Bangkok, you can buy Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) products at the Bangkok Christian Guest House.
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You can also buy Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) products at the LOFTY BAMBOO, Khao San Road.
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Kids Ark is a unique non-profit working in Northern Thailand. Seeing the need of HIV orphans in the region, Kids Ark chose not to open orphanages, but rather work to support the individual children in their own villages.

Founded in 2000 by Rita and Allan Gustafsson who volunteer their time, Kids Ark Foundation was founded with the belief that education is the best route out of poverty.

We assist the children by seeing that their school expenses are met so they are not a burden to their caregiver (usually a poor grandparent unable to accommodate yet another person to care for). By ensuring that school expenses and basic living costs were met, they were also deterred from entering the drug or sex trade.

Originally we assisted children who had lost their parents to HIV and were in need of support to stay in school. With input from teachers and social workers, we are able to target our outreach to the most vulnerable and destitute.

Since then, we have assisted many poor children in need of help. Among the many projects Kids Ark has initiated:
a godparent program that provides individual assistance;
an after school program called House of Hope to tutor and provide a culturally rich learning environment for the children;
micro-economic projects so that caregivers can earn an income;
a day care center so caregivers have the necessary free time to work;
train and provide traveling instructors so that villages can receive up-to-date information about HIV prevention, hygiene and health matters:
built dormitories at a school so that children can attend school;
brought teachers to a remote village so that they can provide an education for impoverished students;
built a health clinic in cooperation with the Thai government in another village where they had no access to health care.

Our handicrafts Project is overseen by a staff member who teaches advanced weaving and sewing skills, and assures the quality control for all goods sold. The project allows ethnic minorities and HIV-affected women to have an income as well as preserve their cultural heritage. Please click here and contains more information and pictures that explain our work.
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  Book Mark & Book Cover
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  Cosmetic Bag
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  Flint Bag
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  Jewelry Box
  Key Case
  Labtop Bag
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  Draw String Shoulder Bag
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  Money Belt
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Thai Tribal Crafts is a non-profit marketing agency under the Christian Service Foundation (Baptist).
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